Jeans are essential

Jeans are essential in our wardrobe nowadays.

Everybody, no matter their style, age, job, size, or body type should has a few pairs of jeans in their wardrobe.

They work for nearly all occasions outside of a formal setting and look good with virtually everything. Jeans never steer you wrong. Today you can wear a jean in a numerous of occasioning. Dressed-up (with button down dress shirt and a jacket) or dressed-down (with a t-shirt and sneakers)


SF Tailors bespoke Jeans

We are a professional state-of-the art tailor. We have the best fabric partners, a highly skilled team, and most importantly, the perfect production facility. With SF tailors you can pick your own style, model, options and fit. You design your own jeans and we make it fit perfectly according your preferences.


Joy for Years

Invest in a good Demin Jeans. A well-made Demin Jeans will last you for years.

The options are endless, style, material, colors, buttons, shape of pockets, embroidery, ripped, laser effects, hand blown effects.


SF tailors will help you create your perfect Jeans.

Create your own Jeans, Cut and Fit


Depending on your body type, you should be wearing a certain style (or so called the "cut").

The most common styles are (in order of slimness):

- Slim,
- Straight,
- Boot Cut
- Relaxed Fit



Treat your jeans like a pair of formal trousers. Important it your Jeans has the perfect length, waist, u-rise and bottom.

All should be fit perfect.

Here's the trifecta of how your jeans should fit, regardless of age or body type:

1. You should be able to pinch a minimum of 1 inch of fabric, but no more than 1.5 inches on either side of the thigh.
2. They should fit your waist without a belt.
3. They shouldn't be too short or too long - having a slight or full break.


We make sure the Jeans fits you perfectly. We change the whole pattern of the Jeans to your body, with exactly your fitting preferences. Own your own Fully Bespoke Jeans thanks to SF Tailors. Know Slim fitting makes you look most stylish and give the possibility to dressed up (specially with Dark Demin Jeans). Looser fit makes the Jeans more distressed/relax.

Pick your Fabric, Color and Style


Denim material can be blended with a variety of other fabrics. Some jeans may have two to three percent spandex and others might have polyester blended into them. A quick thought if you go with spandex blends: Spandex blends, while a little more comfortable and forgiving in the thighs, tend to stretch out and not retain their shape as well as 100% cotton blends. It'll depend on what you prefer, you can go either way on this.



A man should have 3 colors of jeans Dark blue Demin, A black jeans and a lighter jean (for dressing down, for casual look maybe with destroy effects).



Linked to your person Style, with SF Tailors. you can pick all kind of options to personalize the look and style of your jeans.

Possible personal picked effects are:

- Hand blown effects,
- Laser effects,
- Embroidery,
- Shape of pockets,
- Buttons,
- Rivers,
- Thread.


Stop wearing somebody else his jeans, make your own.


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